"Stop looking for the guru 'out there'.  They are no measure to the Guru you already know.  You are The Guru; The Shaman; The Light Worker; The Creator of your own life!"
-Alexis Brooks (from Conscious Musings)

Conscious Musings offers a collection of candid spoken word essays that will give you the opportunity to have your own personal awakening, by examining the circumstances of your everyday life and the realization that it is you who create your own reality; and only you can change it – in any way you choose!  

By examining provocative subjects like the paranormal, shamanic traditions and even modern science, Conscious Musings draws a breathtaking correlation between these areas of inquiry within the context of social psychology to illustrate the broader spectrum of reality, and how we can use this knowledge to recognize and ignite our own personal power.

Honest and invigorating, Conscious Musings will appeal to the casual explorer, as well as those well versed in the areas of metaphysics, consciousness and the “new age.”

If you are seeking a life of liberation, and limitless abundance on all levels, Conscious Musings will set you on your path with renewed clarity and confidence!

"Alexis Brooks has simply put into words the beauty and complexity of life and reality....This is an uplifting and inspiring book!"
-Sabreena from Massachusetts

"Conscious Musings is a wake up call to many and a gift for all - a MUST read."
-Ernest from New Jersey

"Alexis does a fine job of presenting theories in ways that relate to our everyday lives."
-Sue from Northern California

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Alexis Brooks is a freelance writer, essayist and researcher covering metaphysics, spirituality and new consciousness. Her writing which delves into areas of the true nature of reality, consciousness and the self, have been described by others as “lucid and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric terrain.

A former broadcast executive and commercial copywriter for major market radio and television, Alexis parlayed her journalistic skills into her life-long passion: working and interfacing with some of the most renowned writers, researchers and experts in the field of consciousness and related subjects. She has interviewed best-selling author and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, near-death researcher PMH Atwater, psychic medium John Edward, author and intuitive Penney Peirce and "Reality Shifts" author Cynthia Sue Larson, among many others and her articles have appeared both in print and online for over a decade. Her work has appeared in Spirit of Change Magazine, Wisdom Magazine, Fate Magazine and on popular alternative websites like, Consciouslifenews.com and Lightworkersworld.com.

Alexis has been interviewed by well known paranormalist Uri Geller and her own personal and life changing dream account appeared in Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s 1998 book, Dreamwork for the Soul.

She lives in the Boston area with her husband Derek.