Thursday, August 9, 2012

Restructure Your Water with the Sound of the Sun

While reading Rainey Marie Highley’s excellent article, 7 Simple Steps to Harmonize Your Drinking Water, I felt inclined to share the following…

We all know that water is the elixir of life, the very essence of life itself. But when one contemplates this essence, that which makes up over 70 percent of our bodies, do we know how pure (or not) our drinking water is?

The sad truth is that the water that we take in daily, be it tap or bottled leaves a lot to be desired. In fact many claim that our drinking water sources are virtually “dead,” thereby not giving us the nutrients we need for optimal health.

During my interview with ecologist and scientist David Sereda, we spoke of some amazing breakthroughs in water technologies utilizing the sound of the sun as a prime energetic source for restructuring our water.

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