Saturday, December 24, 2011

Three Minute "Mindfulness" Meditation by Bestselling Author Sonia Choquette

I have become simply enchanted by this lovely individual and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette; by her wisdom and by her common sense approach about the very thing that eludes the ego but imbues the spirit, and the channel that we use to access "spirit." Our intuition. I "happened" upon this interview she gave back in February of this year, where she discusses, among other things mindfulness meditation. The timing of my "stumbling upon" this interview, only several days after posting part two of How To Meditate where we highlighted "the mindfulness approach to meditative practice," serves as being nothing short of synchronistic!

In this segment of the interview, Sonia reminds us that you must frame meditation correctly. Take a temporary pause from everyday life. Yes BE in the moment. She says, "your emotional self lives in the past - your mental self lives in the future and you can't create or be intuitive in the past or the future." You can only access intuitive guidance from a position of being present.

Watch this video and get a wonderful suggestion on how we can access our unfailing intuitive aspect with this useful three minute meditation. I also urge you to watch the interview in its entirety on YouTube, and brought to you by Conversations with Robin.

In the spirit of the Holiday season, let us all be present to ourselves and to each other. May you all be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

Happy Holidays!

Read Sonia's latest book:

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