Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sharing the Light - It's a Family Affair!

Alexis with Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, daughter Alexandra and Alexis' husband Derek

While in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with best selling author and near death experiencer, Dannion Brinkley, his beautiful wife Kathryn and amazing daughter Alexandra.

This is no ordinary family affair. The trio has committed countless hours touching scores of individuals with their brand of altruism and love; speaking about the infinite beauty that life and death has to offer.

Both Dannion and Kathryn are Near death Experiencers- Dannion's most famously documented in the classic best seller, Saved By the Light.  Both can attest to the marvelous opportunity their NDE's afforded them - A glimpse of the afterlife from the purview of 360 degrees. They share in a consensus of many others who have experienced "death" and came back to tell about it - there is nothing to fear!  Dannion even goes as far as to say, "we never really left heaven, we simply shifted focus into what we call physicality."

This is a message he has conveyed to over two thousand individuals at their bedside, as they approached their own transition into and beyond death. Many of them were veterans seeking some measure of closure after years of arduous conditions in battle; those who have killed in the name of their country. Dannion, who served in the Marine Corps himself empathizes with the many veterans who have tried desperately to resolve the inner conflict they've had at being in war and dealing with the kill or be killed reality they faced each day.

He says that after being on the other side and coming to a realization that we don't go to hell (if anyone was a candidate for fire and brimstone, Dannion says he was), it was his job to let these veterans know that it was okay; there is no need to fear an ultimate judge "over there."

Dannion calls his family's missions to hospice to comfort the dying with their message, "the twilight brigade."  He even says that once a connection has been made with those who are about to transition into the afterlife and they understand that life indeed continues out of physical form, they too are a part of the twilight brigade and thus the brigade works on both sides of the veil.

Daughter Alexandra, has followed in her family's foot steps; encouraged by her mother to take the "path less traveled."  And that's exactly what she did. She began to explore the mystery and magic of nature.  She gained an understanding about the unbroken wholeness of all life through her explorations with nature. She said she's always had a natural affinity to commune with nature and always knew that Mother Earth had the ability to communicate with us if we chose to engage her. Her ability to communicate with the plant, animal and mineral kingdom led her on a path of uncovering the beautiful entanglement of all living things in the Universe. She went on to study horticulture in college but has taken her innate knowledge and passion much farther. This journey has led to her discovering what she calls her "inner shaman" and now she is helping other people discover theirs.

After spending several hours with Alexandra and her mom and listening to Dannion's utter pride over what Alexandra has been able to accomplish in her young 33 years, I have no doubt that she will go on to do big things - for others!  That's what she so clearly feels it her mission to do: help people to realize that they are their own shaman and always have been. Perhaps we simply forgot.

Kathryn Brinkley has been busy working with Dannion on several projects, including a forthcoming book they are co-writing called Ten Things To Know Before You Go - Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire.  It's slated to come out next Christmas. And judging by the title, coupled with Dannion and Kathryn's natural ability to convey life messages with such lucidity and fervor, this book will be destined to change many lives!

As if co-authoring a book, working countless hours for hospice and traveling for public events weren't enough, Kathryn runs and is editor of her own magazine, called Kinetics - Awakening to Ascension and Spiritual Sustainability.  She is also the author of Jewels for the Soul - Spiritual Reflections and Affirmations for the Heart and Soul.  Needless to say, she is knee deep into her life's work and from what I can see, she loves every minute of it!

I have said many times, "When you follow your life's purpose, the Universe will meet you more than half way!"  The Universe has not only met Dannion, Kathryn and Alexandra beyond the halfway point, but has guided their altruistic message to incredible heights.

Here's to a truly special set of souls; a loving family, who are authentically walking the talk and making us all the better for it!

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