Sunday, May 19, 2013

Personal Evolution and Our Sixth Sense with Sonia Choquette

“The only tuition one needs to pay to obtain real knowledge is
IN-tuition. The only thing it asks is that you PAY attention! 
 -Alexis Brooks 

What if you were told you could have the answers to nearly every question you have - right at your finger tips?  Well, according to intuitive expert and NY Times best-selling author, Sonia Choquette you can and the answers are simple if you learn to follow your sixth sense.

The sixth sense, also known to many as the intuition is something that we all possess.  And yet many have traded in this innate faculty of knowing for the left brained approach to finding answers to life’s many questions.  As a result we embark upon a long, slogging path of searching but too often come up empty where the answers are concerned.

According to Sonia, two historical foundational paradigms occurred to keep us away from naturally developing and using what is perhaps the most valuable tool we as human beings were inherently given.

Listen as I speak with Sonia about how we can truly develop our many gifts by using our sixth sense, and when we do we will discover that the answer is quite simple!

As a personal anecdotal footnote, I can’t resist sharing with you a most profound experience I had while on the phone speaking with Sonia.  She had been taking me through a little exercise to learn how to tap into the wisdom of my heart in order to access my intuition.  While going through the exercise, she asked me to state out loud some of my current fears and anxieties.  After I voiced my concerns for all to hear, she then asked me to repeat the phrase, “and my heart says…” as if my heart/intuition was speaking directly to me in response to my concerns.  She then asked me to look directly in front of me and tell her what I saw.

Interestingly, there was a centerpiece filled with nuts on my table – that’s what was directly before me!

It wasn’t until well after our interview that I had an epiphany that my heart was communicating to me that my fears were not warranted as if to say, “Are you NUTS?”

Although I had to chuckle after this truly synchronistic encounter, her method proved 100% accurate.  If we follow our heart; the direct channel of our intuition, it will speak to us in profound ways!

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