Sunday, March 23, 2014

Transformation Happens One "Contemplation" at a Time!

Can we reach our potential by harnessing the magic and magnificence of contemplation?
...According to the overwhelming response from the new release of Conscious Musings, the answer is YES!

So happy to report that Conscious Musings hit #1 Best-Selling status on Amazon on its debut!

This is excellent news, not for its coveted status, but for the recognition that many are having about re-claiming personal power - and creating a transformation for themselves and by themselves!

These are absolutely challenging times, agreed.  But something is nudging us with the message that "challenge" has a greater purpose.  It's not just to inflict pain and suffering on one or many, just because it can,  but to illuminate opportunity that also exists and is masked within the challenge. 

We've heard it before, there is opportunity in challenge!  In fact, I talk about personal "crisis" in Conscious Musings that ultimately guided me toward recognizing my own personal power - something that probably wouldn't have been realized had I not gone through the experience and chosen to look!

We are on a magnificent journey - each and every one of us.  And without a journey, there can be no destination.  I've said this before, "Life is not about the destination - it's about the journey." ...Although I suppose we'll all come to our destination at some point.  No matter the circumstance; how ugly and un-wanted it may be, there is an important message that lies in every experience.  And if we can harness the power of reflection, we will ultimately be presented with the magic that the experience has to offer.

"If you look deep enough, you'll recognize that the magic is embedded in the madness." ~Alexis Brooks

What a journey it has been to write and experience the adventure of Conscious Musings.  With all the dips and curves, ebbs and flows,  pleasure and pain, and emotional turmoil (the madness), the outcome has been all worthwhile.  I've been afforded the opportunity to contemplate my own journey -  and ours, and in the process I've realized what transformation is all  about.  My absolute desire is that you find your way on your own journey - one that is filled with magic, mystery, and magnificence. We've been given the inner- map to navigate the terrain.  Just Contemplate the possibilities and realize who you really are!