Sunday, May 25, 2014

Inner Technology, Spiritual Sovereignty and the Consciousness of Humanity

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tom and Ramon of the popular Hundredth Monkey Radio Show.

Many of the topics discussed are based on my new book, Conscious Musings - Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential.

In the first hour of our interview we talked about the disturbing trend of the use of technology as a replacement for human contact and the increasing reliance on social media as our lifeline to the world.

What would happen if the grid went down - even temporarily?  Might this be necessary to bring us back to our core good, re-instill our creativity, our humanity and our sovereignty?

Speaking of sovereignty, we discuss what it means to be spiritually sovereign and how a personal exploration of consciousness is key to evolving as spiritual beings.

We talk about the necessity to be authentic in our spiritual work and not rely solely on what books, workshops and other systems teach us.  Once we develop an authentic, personal path of spirituality, can that quality be sensed by others in our auras?

We muse over how people fall into resonance other people's energy field and how this can set the tone for human interaction, whether positive or negative.

We demystify the practice of meditation and discuss how I felt the need to create my own personal approach to being silent and how it became a key component in my own spiritual work.

In hour two we delved a bit deeper into our discussion with subjects including:
  • Lucid and creative dreaming
  • The Indigo and Crystal children and the new evolution of humanity
  • ET's and UFO's (I even talk about my first "UFO" sighting)
  • Paranormal as the "new normal"
  • Animal reincarnation
To listen to hour two, you can subscribe to The Hundredth Monkey Radio or purchase hour two as an individual episode.

I urge you to support this great program as part of the ongoing evolution of alternative media!

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