Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Content from Previously Published Work

Good Evening! Well, it's day two of my navigating the "blogosphere" and I'm getting acclimated relatively quick and frankly loving the process! Just wanted to announce that I've posted a few of my previously published works (listed to your right) for you to peruse and enjoy. "God Is Love Takes On A Whole New Meaning" in two parts lays out a provocative framework for a metaphor well recognized throughout major religious teaching and takes the concept to a whole new level of potential understanding. "You Create Your Own Reality - So Says 'Seth'," summarizes the teachings of what is called "an energy personality essence" who was famously "channeled" by author/poet Jane Roberts and still to this day garners significant inquiry and contemplation. Lastly, "Reality TV Takes on New Meaning with John Edward's 'Crossing Over'", invites the reader directly onto the TV production set where I interviewed John back in 2001 about his hit series "Crossing Over with John Edward."

I hope you enjoy some of the work I published back in the "good 'ole days." I think a lot of what is discussed in these essays and articles are obviously still relevant today and worth a good think (whatever conclusion you might reach).

-Bon voyage!

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