Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome to Higher Journeys!

Greetings and welcome to my new blog! It is my sincere intention that your visits here will help inspire your own higher journey; an exploration of life that is filled with wonder, mystery, excitement and joy. Even through the bumps and bruises of life, if one stays fervent to their path and the understanding that life is indeed one grand exploration, your journey will not be in vain.

For those of you who followed my work some years back (formerly from the – Metaphysical Essays and Insight Portal) I welcome you back! And for those many more who may happen upon Higher Journeys whether through mere “accident” (here, we call that synchronicity) or through a referral, I welcome you! Let me take a moment here to thank so many of you who, during my days, gave me so much encouragement and love. Many of you were so kind to give my work commendations, which meant more to me than you’ll ever know and I thank you dearly.

After a VERY lengthy hiatus of writing and my own wild and exciting journey with plenty of excitement, adventure, bumps, bruises et al, while helping my husband to run our communications infrastructure company (now celebrating its 10th year in operation and still journeying and growing), I have decided to partake once again in actively writing (these days: “blogging”). Wow, how things have changed since I set up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s! Technology has made connectivity into these and virtually every subject matter so accessible and so ubiquitous throughout our now “virtual planet”. And yes, there are many self proclaimed “experts” on an exhaustive list of topics. I do not claim to be an “expert,” just an experiencer - an explorer who admittedly has a more than passive interest on subjects that have eluded and intrigued mankind since the beginning. My mission is and always has been to discover a bit about the mystery (yet not let absolute understanding be the final and expected goal – as paradoxical as that may seem) – to just enjoy the journey and the process of discovery; to understand that these mysteries we call “anomalies” are to some extent meant to be (re)discovered and applied to one’s life, so that life itself can be a richer experience on all levels. I invite all who concur to explore with me.

After a bit of pondering on the dynamics and rhythm of this blog, I’ve for the time being decided that this will be the format: Each month I will delve into a theme; a topic of interest that warrants exploration and higher journeying. In a similar vain to my previous work some of you are familiar with, I will include book reviews, personal essays, relevant links and more that delve into these topics to give you a tantalizing look into the inner workings of a subject and impetus for further research that you can pick up on your own. Topics will range from Telepathy and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), Energy Work and Healing, Dreams/Dreamwork, Visualization/Affirmations/Manifestation, Crystal Work, After Death/Survival of Consciousness, Reality Creation Process, Astral Projection/OBE (Out of Body Experience), as well as a host of other related topics and subtopics. However, as with all journeys, there will be periodic deviations or "side roads" off the beaten path that will be travelled and logged in the true spirit of "blogging." I will occasionally insert special stories, epiphanies, insights that may not be directly related to the monthly theme. Rest assured, however, they will be as thought provoking and interesting, as many side roads on one's journey tend to be!

Also, please look for my previously published work (some of you will be familiar with). As soon as I figure out how to navigate the blog interface comfortably, I'll get it up there for you to peruse and enjoy!

In sum - the scale is vast, but it is important to note, as I have through my own journey, that all the topics I endeavor to cover have some curiously fundamental correlation, some underlying and connecting thread. They are perhaps all puzzle pieces to an infinite and connected web of reality – and we are right in the middle of it. Why not be the “dream and the dreamer?”
So again, welcome. I am SO thrilled to be writing and blogging and look forward to meeting and sharing ideas with you!

Here’s to Higher Journeying!!


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