Thursday, October 18, 2012

Solutions with Spirit – A Conversation with the Producer and Co-Writer of Thrive – What On Earth Will it Take? Kimberly Carter Gamble (Exclusive Interview)

In this debut episode of Conscious Inquiry, host Alexis Brooks discusses the importance of a spiritual approach to the solutions we seek with Thrive’s Kimberly Carter Gamble.
Among the topics we discuss are:
-Spiritual and multidimensional reality and attaining an expanded awareness to understand what’s going on in our society on all fronts, internally and externally.
-The fundamental pattern in the universe called the torus and how this pattern serves as both a literal and metaphorical illustration for our lives and the Universe.   The torus is the one self-sustaining pattern in nature and exemplifies the distinct and unified aspects of human kind.
-The importance of stillness and silence to understand our multidimensional selves and the nature of the universe.
-Learn how to develop a relationship and trust with ourselves.  Learn to embrace every aspect of who we are.
-Learn how to use affirmations and visualize our world as a place of plenty, with all of its inhabitants thriving, as we should be.
-People want to be good and live in a better world. We discuss how so many people are working on making this world a better place through the Thrive Movement.
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