Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Reasons Why You Need to Read Reality Shifts - When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

I am so incredibly pleased to recommend Reality Shifts - When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, by Cynthia Sue Larson to all of my wonderful readers!

Reality Shifts offers a complete, concise and loving approach to how we can shift our own reality through conscious and passionate intent.  Simply put, reality shifts all around us and all of the time.  But do we notice it?  Moreover, can we initiate a shift in reality based on our truest desires for growth and expansion?

I feel the answer to be a resounding YES!

Here are 10 reasons why you need to read Reality Shifts:

1.  You enjoy experiencing different realities.
2. Your fortune in life is what you allow yourself to receive.
3.  You attract to you what you most love when you feel loving.
4.  You shift reality every moment to arrive at the future you most desire.
5.  You create your experiences in life.
6.  When you open your mind and heart, new opportunities open up for you.
7.  When you find the joy in your life, more joy comes to you.
8. Reality is constantly shifting based on what you think and how you feel.
9.  You shift reality to become what you most love.
10.  LOVE has no limits!

These were adapted from a series of beautiful affirmations from the book Reality Shifts!

Don't delay, pick up a copy of Reality Shifts today to shift the reality from one that you would rather discard for one that you truly prefer!  You have the power to shift reality today!

Purchase Cynthia Sue Larson's Reality Shifts here and instantly receive free bonus gifts worth over $1,000!

What a great offer for purchasing what I feel confident is a gift from Cynthia you will cherish for many years to come!

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