Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Postscript to Spiritual Sovereignty

Perhaps you landed on this page after reading my latest article, Spiritual Sovereignty on Conscious Life News, and if so, I thank you for visiting Higher Journeys!

As much as I would like to further my thesis on the concepts articulated in “Sovereignty” and even be tempted to give you a closer look at what spiritual sovereignty really means, truly that would defeat the purpose of my initial thesis to begin with.  You see, spiritual sovereignty is just as the name implies “a sovereign journey,” where you are the authority, the captain of your own ship.  You will have the epiphany that it is no one who can tell you what to do, not physically, not socially, and especially not spiritually.  In fact, I am imploring you to do just that!

What a grand journey we are on!

The beauty and creativity is in the uniqueness of a personal journey.  And although it seems paradoxical to accept a collective journey (or consciousness) and yet equally embrace the personal, subjective exploration, the two are inextricably linked.  Let’s navigate the waters alone, without an external captain.  That’s what we will invariably do anyway.  Then we can compare notes…collectively.  Perhaps we then arrive at a consensus. 

This is just the tapestry to one grand quilt.  One destination arrived at through many channels.  And all are valid.

For as physicist and philosopher David Bohm once posited, “We are whirlpools in a stream.  We have identity (individual journeys), we just don’t have distinct borders (the collective consciousness).”

Happy Journeying Sovereign Spirit!

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