Sunday, January 6, 2013

Introducing Conscious Musings!

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to a new member of the Higher Journeys family - Conscious Musings - A Collection of Contemplations About Life and Potentiality: my new release on audio book that explores the true nature of reality and that which is most important to us - our selves and the world that we live in!

This short audio book will explore the world as it is vs. the world as it could be!

Conscious Musings offers unique but practical solutions to how you can approach life with a renewed sense of purpose and action.

Included in Conscious Musings is a short but powerful heart based meditation that can be used daily to manifest that which you've always desired, but didn't know just how to achieve it!

Begin to manifest the world as it can be right now!

Join the Conscious Journey right here and right now!

Watch a short book trailer for Conscious Musings:

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