Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finding our "Home Frequency"

When we hear the term frequency, we might ask, "what does that mean?"  You may be familiar with the frequency of a radio.  The frequency will oscillate at varying levels depending on the strength of the signal.  Frequencies are electrical in nature.

Using this in both metaphorical and literal terms, because we are electrical in nature, we too carry a range of internal frequencies and depending on the strength of our own signal (energetically) we can dial in to any number of channels.

Author Penney Peirce so clearly illuminates what it means to be in our Home Frequency and she discusses this at length in her book, Frequency - The Power of Personal Vibration.

Listen to Penney describe what it means to be in our home frequency as a means of transforming ourselves from a "low bandwidth" to a stronger signal - one that will allow us a clear and empowering "broadcast!"

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