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Past, Present AND Future - Breaking the Boundaries of Reality As We Know It

Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s spellbinding interview with Open Minds Host Regina Meredith on, sheds light on the past, future and more!

Many have become entranced about a process called past life regression – a modality typically induced through various measures of hypnosis to recall previous incarnations on this planet.  Although Dr. Bruce Goldberg, internationally known hypnotherapist, made his entry into hypnosis work doing regressions, he is one of the first, if not the first to tackle what he calls, “progression therapy,” literally guiding the patient into some future time period, whereby the individual is able to live and relay back to this reality their experience; what they are seeing, feeling and doing.   The results of progressing his patients have been nothing short of fascinating and the range of experience is about as boundary busting as one can imagine!

He includes as part of his repertoire of therapy: life progression (including to the 35th century!), age progression, alien abduction in the “future state,” time travel, parallel universes – the list goes on.  And the experiences range from visits with reptilians which he insists are in fact real, to Arcturians, grand spiritually endowed entities whose mission is in part to assist in our evolutionary growth.  These experiences truly run the gamut. 

Dr. Goldberg shared a wealth of information on these topics and more during a recent interview with GaiamTV’s Regina Meredith on her Open Minds television show.

“Progression therapy gives you psychic empowerment to see the future in a way where you can change and therefore help yourself,” says Goldberg.  But one needs to be aware of the surroundings one finds themselves in and most importantly be in a positive frame of mind when taking these sojourns to other levels of awareness and reality.

Among one of the potential dangers of venturing beyond the physical plane whether through monitored hypnosis, self hypnosis or the dream state (which Goldberg says is in fact a form of altered condition, rooted primarily in the alpha state), are interactions with beings whose agendas may be less than positive. What he refers to as the lower astral plane is a frequency in which ill intending energies reside. Some have referred to them as shadow people, demons, djinn – whatever the names, the energies they radiate are from a lower realm and their influence can affect some who find themselves there.  This of course, is not the first time we’ve heard some semblance of this terrain described as such.  Some might call this a “hell-like” state.  Nonetheless, these areas of experience can be avoided and Goldberg gives much insight and information about how one can navigate the nonphysical realms with relative ease and as a result emerge with uplifting and even life-altering experiences!

Future progression saves one woman scheduled to be on TWA Flight 800!

During this interview he covered not only progression from a future life perspective but also from an age perspective (while still in this life).  He tells the story of a female patient he calls “Tammy” who he’d been progressing as well as teaching how to use these techniques at home.  Tammy talks about doing a self-initiated progression session in which she wanted to see how an upcoming trip to Paris would turn out.  During the session, in which she was in an out of body state, she was able to see the flight in which she was scheduled to go on.  Upon departure from the airport, the plane quickly crashed to the ground killing all on-board including Tammy!  When she explained this frightening scenario to Dr. Goldberg, he calmly advised her not to panic but to consider changing her flight arrangements of which she obliged.  It turns out the ill fated flight that Tammy “witnessed” in her progressed state was none other than TWA Flight 800, which was bound for Paris but ended up in a fiery crash shortly after take off.  There were no survivors.  This was the flight Tammy was scheduled to be on!

In Dr. Larry Dossey’s book, The Power of Premonitions, he as well looks closely at the phenomenon of seeing future events play out, including some with a less than desirable outcome.  But the stories that Dossey documents in his book are arrived at through an involuntary bleed through of insight called premonition or even precognition, most of which happens arbitrarily to the experiencer.  Dr. Goldberg maintains that when one decides to use progression as a proactive means by which they can see a potential outcome, whether in this life or another, the outcome can be altered or at the very least different choices can be made so the experiencer has the opportunity to create a better choice for themselves.

In addition to the more relatively approachable subject of progression therapy, Goldberg discussed the phenomenon of alien abduction and memory retrieval while in an altered state, hybridization during encounters with alien abductions, the 5th dimension, parallel realities and time travelers from our future including some from the 35th century!

According to the information he’s gleaned from his patient’s visits to this point in our evolutionary trajectory, individuals in the 35th century can live from between 500-900 years of age, they will be spiritually adept, and illness and poverty will be a thing of the past…which is certainly past due!  In other words, we have much to look forward to in our subsequent incarnations!  Perhaps most curious and interesting to me was that he said the population would not exceed 1 billion!  Of course there has been much talk about an agenda to greatly reduce world population, albeit in the context of a malevolent agenda.  The 35th century, he contends will be the result of anything but!

So whether peaking into the future or the past, interacting with a myriad of species from all walks of dimensional life, or glimpsing our own future selves or those of others, I count this interview with Dr. Goldberg on GaiamTV as a must see for your own boundary dissolving and mind expanding travels!

Thank you to my colleague and friend, Dr. Bruce Goldberg for your brilliant in-sight, breadth of knowledge and master (true) story telling and for delivering this captivating interview and breaking the boundaries of reality - as we know it!

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