Monday, July 15, 2013

A Day Without Technology and Developing Intuitive Perception

Learn how to increase your inner sensory perception (ISP) by periodically unplugging from the devices of modern living.

While preparing for my upcoming radio interview with bestselling author and intuitive coach Penney Peirce, and reading her latest book, Leap of Perception – The Transforming Power of Your Perception, I came across a great little exercise that she suggests we try to get us to focus on our own innate intuitive abilities.  She calls this process A Day Without Technology.

"For one month, take one day a week where you’re totally away from the computer, cell phone, calculator, and television.  Let voicemail pick up your messages, use telepathy and intuition, practice connecting with the environment and the life inside things.  Be creative and see what comes out of you instead of taking things in from other sources.  Be in nature, be alone, be quiet for extended periods, and work with the imaginal realm.
During these no-technology days, notice what functions technology has been fulfilling for you, and see how you might do the same thing with your own inner consciousness and energy skills.  Build your consciousness and energy muscle."

She maintains that there are ways in which we can develop what she calls “new human abilities,” and by using exercises like this, we will naturally draw from our own inner sensory perception (ISP) while not having to rely upon the ISP of technology for which we’ve become so accustomed.

As much as I acknowledge an appreciation for the technologies that have afforded so many with more opportunities than we could have imagined even 10 short years ago, I’ve had to remind myself that the tool of technology is just that, and one that I should periodically resolve to live without.  In fact I have made a conscious choice to go for periods of time without the need to read email, use my cell phone for talking or texting but rather read a book, paint, garden or just be with myself.  It is interesting that in this age of technological temptation; admittedly the mere fact that I’ve had to remind myself to “unplug” speaks volumes to the intractable lure of technology into our habitual routines.  Few of us these days are fully immune.

Impractical as it might seem to allocate a full day to unplugging from our technological feeding tube, when one makes a decision to do so and follows through, one might realize that the true ISP is an inner wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), that no modern technology can match.  Then we will have moved from, as Penney has called it, the Information Age to the Intuition Age!

The potential of our inner gifts are endless!

I highly recommend Penney's book, Leap of Perception, part of a collection which she calls the "Transformation Trilogy"

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