Friday, August 23, 2013

Evolution, Enlightenment, Manifestation & Abundance - It's ALL Truly Within Our Reach (Conscious Musings Unabridged)

Hello everyone!  For those of you who are regular visitors to Higher Journeys, you may have noticed that there's been quite a lull since my last post.

I have been in the throws of putting the finishing touches on the "unabridged" version of my book Conscious Musings!  And what a process it has been!

Although my published writings go back over a dozen years, the process for writing a book and readying it for print is a whole other affair entirely and quite the daunting process to say the least. 

I've expanded significantly on the content of this version, doing a great deal more research, fact checking, proofing, meeting with cover artists, et al...and needless to say I've been eating, sleeping, and dreaming the book - and LOVING every bit of it!

For anyone that's ever decided to hunker down and put "pen to paper" so-to-speak, you will certainly know what I mean.  As I recently said to a friend, "...this has been grueling and I have never been through anything like this before!"  What a ride!

This volume, which I anticipate to be out in the early-mid fall, I've expanded on significantly.  There will be three sections, all underscoring how the world as it could (and I believe will) be is right at our doorstep, but with a few critical caveats!

Here's a little sneak peak from the introduction to Conscious Musings to give you an idea for what you'll be in for...

"In the opening section, The Individual, the Collective, and Social Consciousness, we will examine our current psychological state amid the common construct we find ourselves in.  Fair warning – I will not spare you dear reader with a comfy-cozy picture seen through rose colored glasses.  The musings here depict the world as it is experienced in consensus; how we’ve been habituated toward a very fixed and unrelenting view of reality, despite the cornucopia of history, data, and experience that has revealed anything but!  We will examine how choice can free us from the grip of compliance, how ego has been over-stimulated through modern culture, how true revolution will be achieved only through personal and unconditional evolution, and how ultimately we have forfeited our power in favor of outside authority dictating what is possible in our lives and in the lives of others.

...we will (then) go a bit deeper -  into the labyrinth of paranormal experience and why so many deny the reality of anomalous encounters; that which has been broadly framed as mystical, when in actuality the focus on such matters may be the key to understanding our own potentiality and reality-at-large....In this controversial but revealing section entitled, The Magic, Mystery, and Metaphysics of Potentiality, we will unravel the mystery of extraordinary experience to everyday people on a broader scale, muse the subject of reincarnation and past lives of both humans and our animal companions – and how the evidence of such a phenomenon may hold yet another key to our enlightenment while in this life.  We will journey beyond the physical to reveal a variety of experiences that can be achieved in the out-of-body (OBE) state and examine the intersection of corporeal and non-corporeal as part of our everyday lives.

...In the final section, The Consciousness of Manifestation and Abundance, I invite you the reader, the explorer, the experiencer, to journey with me through the terrain of possibility.  I encourage you to consider putting aside your previously held beliefs about how reality creation and manifestation work and commit to taking on a new process for creating you and the world around you...After pounding the pavement with a life review of the world as it is, let us now take a look at the world as it could be, but let us take it out of the possible and into the now!  How refreshing it is to know that the world as it could be is indeed at our doorstep…all because we are in the midst of this shift.  Exciting things are happening.  The Universe is supporting us in every way possible!"

...This is just a little snapshot.  My sincerest desire is that this volume will assist the journeyer on his or her own path.  My sense is that the musings depicted reflect what so many are thinking about these days - The question becomes, how do we navigate the current tides and become the evolved beings we are meant to be?  I hope that this book will begin to answer this question for you!

I have been so humbled and honored to get advance "praise" for Conscious Musings by other authors in this field whom I respect greatly...

Conscious Musings is wonderful, inspirational and motivating!  Alexis Brooks offers insights of great depth and wisdom that she seamlessly brings together into a perfect wholeness.  This book will help you gain a higher perspective on life and how to make it richer and more rewarding.”
-Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Dream Messages from the Afterlife andSoul Journeys.

Conscious Musings is a marvelous collection of metaphysical principles designed to both educate and enlighten the reader. I highly recommend this book.”
-Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Exploring the Fifth Dimension – Parallel Universes, Teleportation and Out-of-Body Travel

I thank absolutely everyone for their support in this "sophomore" project.  I'm so looking forward to sharing the final version of Conscious Musings with you!

In the interim, continue your own conscious musings - each and everyday!  The answers are truly within!

Note: The image above is not the actual cover for Conscious Musings, but for this post only.  The new cover will stay under wraps until the book goes to print!  However, I ask kindly that you please refrain from using the image above in any way...thank you!

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...thank you!