Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is Psychic Ability?

Psychic ability or "Psi" as it is called in some academic circles is a phenomenon that few
truly understand and yet this amazing faculty has persisted throughout history.

Intuition, psychic ability, mediumship, ESP - although these abilities may have some unique attributes as they relate to one another, they are all nonetheless apparently a part of this nonlocal connection we all possess to what some have called "The Field."

This field or zero point of the universe is said to permeate all existence or rather all of us permeate it; we glean information from it - we communicate with it and it to us and perhaps this is the basis for which psychic information is derived.

The term psychic is formally defined as "outside of scientific knowledge; spiritual" and "sensitive to influences or forces of a non-physical or supernatural nature."

To first understand how psi or ESP works we must first understand that the average human has a very limited range of  sight as compared to many other species.  Our typical range of sight (called the visible spectrum) is only 390-700 nm or 430-790 THz.  Essentially, we are only picking up a tiny, tiny fraction of information around us at any given time.

There are exceptions however - those who for whatever reason can extract a little more of this spectrum.  Additionally, on occasion, unusual circumstances can intercept our own typical physical environment resulting in a blending or intersection of frequencies.  It is then that one can experience something not usually available through normal channels.  Certain physical locations on the earth apparently carry these cross-section of frequencies and are known as ley lines and vortices; intricate grid patterns of energy that can be tapped to heighten psychic ability.

In addition to the picking up of information, psychic information through the visible channel or clairvoyance, there are other means by which pockets of information can be gleaned.  Among them are hearing (clairaudience), or feeling (clairsentience).  These are two additional "channels" that we can often pick up information outside of the usual frequencies we operate within.

I recently had a chat with psychic and medium Mike Schopp to discuss these dynamics - just how the psychic channels do in fact work and why.  This was a fascinating discussion as we traversed many elements of psychic ability including the idea that we all have some measure of psi ability.  Too often, our everyday lives have usurped this ability, especially due to the fact that we live in a world where quick decision making and reflexive responses to the myriad of stimuli (namely from our technologies) have taken center stage.

I have always had a pure fascination with the inner workings of reality and how intertwined we are with this invisible world.  Moreover, if we can first accept this ability as innate within us all and make an affirmative decision to incorporate these abilities into our everyday lives, we may just find that our lives will be so much more fulfilling!

Make sure to listen to my interview with Mike as we discuss the dynamics of psychic ability and ponder for yourself, the possibilities!

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