Thursday, October 17, 2013

Do Animals Exist in the Afterlife and Can they Reincarnate?

Life is filled with a plethora of questions.  Acknowledging that the Universe is indeed mysterious, we should nonetheless continue to ask questions about its brilliant nature and our place in it - including our animal companions.

One of the greatest mysteries known to mankind lies in the question about "where" consciousness goes when it leaves the physical body?  Does it go anywhere or rather continue on in some other state?

Given the broad spectrum of data to suggest that consciousness in not produced by the brain, but exists in spite of it, it would be fair to say that even when the physical brain dies, the consciousness does not.  This of course would hold true not only for the human species but for our animal companions as well.

There are so many individuals who've become inextricably linked to their pets - linked by unconditional love for one  another that when one loses their animal, companionship is replaced with unimaginable grief

This is when our animal friends can often show up in the most unlikely of ways (i.e. in dreams), transcending their pure love for us, to assure us that they as well continue and will remain ever present, albeit not in purely physical form.  Sometimes, they will even find their way back to us in a new form - a new body, in order to continue the relationship with us - that "continuum of consciousness."

I chronicled my own amazing experience with my beloved persian cat, "Paws" and his re-appearance in a new body (a new personality) whom we affectionately refer to as "Clover Paws."

The idea of reincarnation as a natural part of the life cycle is a phenomenon known to man throughout all of recorded human history and through virtually all cultures.  If multiple incarnations are possible with human beings, why wouldn't this be so with our animal friends?

I will be discussing this phenomenon as part of the Conference on Animals in the Afterlife, Sunday, November 3rd in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

If you're looking to learn more about this fascinating subject and hear from a wonderful line up of experts in this field AND are in the area, please attend.  We'd love to see you there!

...and just when you think you've said a final "goodbye" to your animal friend, think again, they might be on their way back to you - no goodbye's necessary!
Clover Paws (center) with Paws (inset)