Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Phenomenon of Quantum Jumping

Is it really possible to jump out of one reality and into another?
One researcher says, "Absolutely!"

Many in the alternative community are hearing a buzz about something called "quantum jumping" and yet few have a full grasp of what that really means.

My friend and colleague, best selling author Cynthia Sue Larson has been an ardent supporter of the research and recent findings into the exciting phenomenon of this new paradigm of thinking and doing; literally taking conscious control of our lives with the understanding that we do have the ability to shift into a reality that looks and behaves a lot different that what we're currently experiencing (or wish to experience).

Here's what her new book, Quantum Jumps - An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity has to say:

"Experience a new science of instant transformation, and live the life of your dreams!  Quantum Jumps presents a radical new paradigm that we exist in an interconnected holographic multiverse in which we literally jump from one parallel universe into another."
The idea of the existence of parallel realities is not new, however the idea that these realities are indeed linked, can converge and present a drastic shift in our external reality is gaining momentum as some in the scientific community are now discovering.

What used to be viewed as separate or disconnected frames of reality, happening on different levels, yet occupying the same "space," measured within the realm of the very small (subatomic reality) are now being re-examined within a holographic, multidimensional and interconnected stream of reality and are now being demonstrated on a more macrocosmic scale!

Exciting stuff indeed!  But the one common denominator in traversing these realities is consciousness!

In Cynthia's book she lucidly articulates how we can make a conscious choice to jump from one reality to another using tools such as meditation to facilitate the jump!

Although some of what you might hear within the context of shifting reality may sound familiar to you (i.e. creative visualization), there are other more unique and specific approaches to achieving this quantum jump in your life and it's all presented beautifully in Quantum Jumps!

I recently interviewed Cynthia to discuss the dynamics of Conscious Quantum Jumping.  She had plenty to say about the science and practicality of this recent discovery and how these new insights are destined to rock our world in ways we've never been able to imagine - until now!

Get ready to quantum jump your way into a reality you truly prefer!!