Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Conscious Inquiry - Radio for the Soul!

Is Alternative Media the New "Mainstream?"

The advent of the Internet has provided many things to many people.  Not the least of which has been the broadcasting of free and open discourse on important issues, current events, and cutting edge concepts.

As a journalist originating in mainstream broadcast media going back to the 80's and an ardent practitioner and researcher of a more "alternative" sort, it has been so refreshing to see the promulgation of what we call "alternative media" burgeon forth; a necessity it seems for those hungering for coverage from a more holistic perspective - a deep dive into the introspective and objective approaches to news.

There's so much to talk about these days - The most tempting of which seems to be the in your face tumult rocking the planet on many levels.  People are looking for answers, now more than ever before, as to what this world is doing (or moreover, us on it), where we are going and the perennial question of course - who are we and what is this all about?  The challenges - the opportunities - the problems - the solutions, all exist in one big stew we call reality and the Internet has offered a source to distill these issues and find answers to the complexity we call life.

But "distillation" can be a challenge in the Information Age...

It is said that we live in an "information age."  This can have its advantages AND disadvantages.  I've quoted on this in some of my previous work - information, knowledge and wisdom are not one-in-the-same.  We have plenty of information - can glean some knowledge from it, but to arrive at wisdom, it takes a thoroughly objective, experiential and discerning approach.  Still, our external sources have attempted in some cases to guide us on the path to wisdom - if but simply to give us some rudimentary tools!  And for this we are eternally grateful to the caring and sharing of alternative media.

To digress for just a minute - I recall having an invigorating discussion with a former colleague and friend, the late, great comedian and radio show personality, Marcia Masters.  I worked with Marcia at WVBF FM in Boston in the early 90's and we became fast friends!  In one of the last conversations I had with Marcia she had commented on how great it would be to be able to "break away" from the mainstream of media and create possibly an online show where we could talk about all sorts of things, free and unencumbered from any censorship from the network "brass."  This I thought was a novel concept, given that online broadcasts (or podcasts) were at the time, virtually nonexistent (save for a few one-off sources).

I often think of how Marcia would have been salivating over the opportunity to share her unique brand of philosophy and humor through this new medium - but alas she was not able to partake.  Still her ingenuity and ideas were truly ahead of its time and I salute her for that!

Harkening back to that long ago discussion, I've since had the pleasure of actualizing this idea - taking to the online airwaves, the new medium for which I had suspected would one day take precedence, and now bringing to you, the Global audience and community, the best of what I have to offer to those seeking information that is truly empowering, enriching and inspiring.  I call this - Conscious Inquiry Radio.

Conscious Inquiry is a bi-monthly radio program, exclusively presented by Conscious Life News in which I host guests from a broad range of disciplines: metaphysics, spirituality, paranormal, health and wellness, cutting edge science, and beyond.

Conscious Inquiry is not just about delivering the information in a template or "official" format - it's about searching the planet for the best and brightest minds (and courageous souls) who have dedicated themselves to uncovering pertinent information and sharing it with you, the Global community! It is my absolute pleasure and honor to share this information with you each and every month.  And it is my sincere desire to see you walk away with just a little more knowledge that you can use to enrich your life in whichever way you feel necessary.  This is what we're here for - to share for the betterment of mankind.

 So, let us uphold and embrace our alternative media in this information age and one day "alternative" in this regard might just become a misnomer! Here's to the wisdom of your Soul! My blessings to you!

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