Thursday, December 5, 2013

Changing of the Tides – The Shift is Here!

Are earth-shaking signs of the shift rocking your world?
Recently, I received this sobering and yet insightful message from PMH Atwater, author, researcher and visionary, about the current cosmological and evolutionary shift we are experiencing.  At first glance, I was alarmed.  Upon closer examination, I understood and could relate.  Ultimately with some unbiased reflection, I acknowledged that this is what the shift is bringing and if we understand the nuances and signposts, its opportunities for evolution far outweigh the challenges.
This is a short read but it packs a wallop.  PMH has an uncanny ability to convey powerful information in a concise and succinct manner – flowery rhetoric need not apply.  This is a well summarized analysis from the purview of someone who has experienced, felt and seen the Universe with a 360 degree perspective!
And now, guest blogger, PMH Atwater…
Astrologically we are dealing with powerful squares and T-squares that will not go away any time soon.
All of 2013, 2014, 2015 - every day - is like Mercury Retrograde on steroids. You start something, everything goes swell, and then suddenly, a crash or a twist as the energy turns on you. Easy to forget things.

This can be noticed upfront with human/animal dispositions, skin sensitivity and rashes, driving or even walking, a flux of bacteria/viruses that go up and down in spite of medications. One day you're energized; the next day is a wipe-out. Same with politics, finances, banking, jobs. Swing time. The old and the new are clashing with increasingly powerful resistance. Weather is just as confused as people and animals are, so are plants. While our nation (the U.S.) is blessed with fuel from oil sands, our groundwater and deep wells are slowly becoming poisoned with small quakes on the rise. You really can't call "negative"/"positive" anymore. What seems worrisome, actually inspires and uplifts people to take charge and find new ways of doing things that work out better.
          "I am a child of God, perfect in every way and nothing and no one can interfere in my life without my permission."

I was asked by "New Dawn Magazine" in Australia to write something uplifting for 2014 (predictions for the New Year). I couldn' least not per se. All I could do is describe the territory - the good and the not-so-good and then show what people are actually doing about it - turning energy around. As more and more people decide to make substantial changes in their lives, businesses and governments change, too. Not always pretty what happens because of this, but there's no stopping the squeeze play. 

What I've found in my life that makes a difference is using stress relief measures fairly often. When energy starts to spin or dip, I stop what I'm doing and zone in to what's true: "I am a child of God, perfect in every
way and nothing and no one can interfere in my life without my permission."  Sometimes I'll do a little dance, walk up and down stairs, spend time outdoors, or splash some water around. Always some deep breathing and some laughter. Amazing what such a stress break will do for you. 

Remember, the human race as we think it to be, is evolving. It isn't just our world, our universe that is changing. We are, too, and on a fundamental core level.

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P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.