Thursday, January 16, 2014

11:11 and more - Time to Pay Attention!

Synchronicity, the ubiquitous "11" and consciousness.  Are they all related, are they indicative of current times and if so, what does it all mean?

Now that the New Year is here and 2013 is in the rearview mirror, many people are hoping to leave the challenges far behind as well.  In this regard, I suppose there is "bad news" and "good news."  The bad news first: according to some, including author, researcher and near-death experiencer, PMH Atwater whose brief assessment I highlighted in a previous post, 2014 falls smack in the middle of a prolonged version of "mercury retrograde on steroids" - the rollercoaster ride of life is getting bumpier indeed and by all accounts, it’s not planning on waning anytime soon.
On the "good" front, those on the ride are being given the opportunity to shift gears, change stuff up, look at things differently, do things differently, and be all the wiser for it.  In fact, the tumult of the times may just be the Universe offering up a gift - an opportunity, finally for us to put our paradigm shifting power into motion- achieved only if times get tough enough for us to put our dukes up and knock the current reality out of view in order to usher in a new one that suits us better.  These times are about evolution the likes of which humans have never seen before, if we know how to read the signs and then act on them.
In Trish and Rob MacGregor's excellent new book, The Synchronicity Highway, they say, "...your guidance system lies in your awareness, curiosity, feelings, intentions, and beliefs.  It lies within.  Once you trust that inner guidance, synchronicities seem to pop-up everywhere.  They are signposts, friends, allies that guide and direct you, warn you, clarify and confirm your decisions, laugh at you and with you."
It seems to me that if there were any time in history where this ally is greatly needed, it is now.  Synchronicity is still one of those less understood and yet persistent anomalies that we've all encountered at one time or another.  We'd have occasional coincidences - acknowledge them and invariably shrug them off.  They'd just pop into view or earshot and show themselves just enough to give us a chuckle or a "hmm, interesting." For those who have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more to synchronicity than meets the (mind’s) eye, my suggestion is that we consider taking their presence just a bit more seriously.  In fact, why not enter into an agreement with the Universe to commit to seeing them more often and then utilizing them to navigate this rollercoaster ride? 
The point:  We do have a guidance system, an inner GPS if you will, that if yielded will guide us, and without the necessary DVD upgrades to boot.  It doesn't falter or fail - it just gives information and I truly sense it has our best interest at heart.  Its only caveat?  Pay attention!  So even though the roller coaster of life has managed to build an infrastructure with increasingly more dips and curves, perhaps the purpose is to get us to take it on in order to tame it, to ride it through and to change the course altogether..."hmm, interesting!!"
The Current Times
I've always found it intriguing how the English language tends to have multiple definitions and yet a singular and fundamental connection.  Take the word "current."  In one definition, current denotes a time of now, of present - our current situation.  But current also means, flow - something that moves, that is agile and not resistant to change.  What current are you experiencing?  Are you flowing with it or against it?  Might the presence of synchronicity (once recognized) be your compass to navigate the current with more agility?  It's something to contemplate for sure!  And once you do?
All of reality becomes meaningful...
Getting back to the MacGregor's book in which they beautifully illustrate how synchronicity is key to understanding the myriad ways the Universe works to communicate with us, let's talk about 11!  What is it?  Why is it? And more importantly what about its presence as it relates to the current times?
Here is an excerpt from their book, Synchronicity Highway that might give us a clue:
"Carl Jung considered numbers to be archetypal and believed that when you experience clusters of a particular number, it has become active within your psyche.  It apparently stays active until you get the message.  The message of 11:11 seems to be about evolution of consciousness, that you're being ushered into a greater reality, the flow (yes - the current!) of universal energy.  It can also act as a warning and as confirmation."
It appears that these current times are critical – monumental in fact.  And the thousands, no – millions who are and have been experiencing the 11's on a regular basis are indicative of the fact that our current times are nudging us to graduate to a level of consciousness that will ironically release the lock-hold of finite potential and open the doors to in-finite reality – a reality that will imbue us with the realization that we are not mortal (mediocre, average, everyday) humans but immortal (infinite, extraordinary, creative) spiritual energy, and once set free ( and recognize this through synchronicity), we will fly!
Is Universal consciousness knocking at our door through 11:11? 
I want to stay on topic here for just a minute or so more, because this numerical phenomenon is just too ubiquitous to write off as an unmeaningful coincidence (the antithesis of synchronicity).
In December of 2011 I wrote an article entitled What on (this) Earth Does "11" Mean?"  In it I posit that its meaning and significance may carry an array of suggestions, prompts, and its objectives may be as diverse as those who witness them:
"Could the "11 experience" be some covert mind mapping program to keep the masses in servitude? Could it be a signal from "beyond" about the current and accelerating shift? Could this shift indicate a thinning of the dimensional veils and 11 be some sort of a numeric portal? Could it be the angelic realms making their presence known through the twin doorways just to give us a wink and a nod? Could it be a complex vibrational resonance preparing us for 4th density existence? Could it be all of the above? Perhaps." (From What on THIS Earth Does "11" Mean?)
Since being a witness of this perplexing phenomenon for over eight years now, believe me, I've pondered, mused, and psycho-sleuthed its meaning to death.  Whereas I am still at a loss for its ultimate explanation- and unwilling to commit to any one theory, no matter how plausible that theory may be, I have come to one general idea and that is its ubiquitous presence somehow seems to lend credence to the idea that there is one mainframe of consciousness and we are all wired to it, hence the reason why so many are having the experience at one time.  
It was physicist David Bohm who postulated that our physical reality is but one giant holographic projection from another level or layer of reality he called the implicate order (that which encompasses all things, yet unmanifest and enfolded).  Within this Universal matrix, there is a trigger (perhaps our own collective consciousness) that will allow a phenomenon (experience) to unfold into the physical world.  Since numbers represent a language of sorts and can be deciphered as such, this constitutes a new form of communication, and thus a new way of experiencing the world and ourselves is unfolding.
Perhaps we as humans are being invited to now expand our ideas of language - to be able to read the signs and symbols that have always undergirded the three dimensional reality that we've come to know.  Something, it seems is prodding us to stretch – to re-member our infinite nature and that of the Universe.  Perhaps it is vital that we do so now, if we are to truly navigate and ultimately end the rollercoaster ride.  The presence of 11, assuming there is intrinsic value, may somehow be trying to convey this necessity to broaden our understanding of reality, just as the intricate geometry of some of our crop circles have also been said to do.
It feels like we are living inside one big pot of synchronicity soup, one big collective consciousness shift.  It’s a glorious thing in fact – to be alive at such a time and to choose to participate in the dialogue of the Universe.  To enthusiastically respond to its language by first acknowledging and then acting on its wisdom begets one big evolutionary step toward the ultimate graduation of humankind. 
Buckle up!  The rollercoaster ride just got a bit more thrilling!
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