Monday, January 27, 2014

Self Help? It May Be Easier Than You Think!

Updated: March 2014

Bestselling author Alexis Brooks debuts 
Conscious Musings - Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential

What people are saying about Conscious Musings...
"A real page turner" - "mind boggling" - "inspirational"
"transformational" - "a must read!"

What does this post 2012 era have in store for us?  Will we have any say in how our lives play out?  Can we truly create our own reality to our own specifications?  Can we use our dreams, intuitions, and synchronicities to trade our current reality for one we would rather experience?  According to the new release of Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential, the resounding answer is YES!

The act of self help takes on a whole new meaning with Conscious Musings - a powerful anthology of thoughts covering a broad range of experience and potential of today’s human.  From rationalizing reality to spiritual sovereignty; from dichotomies of consciousness to the emergence of individualism, death of the ego and behavior modification to transcending the limits of physical life as we know it.  This book delves deep into the big questions, and offers suggestions for achieving in ways we’ve yet to experience both individually and collectively.

Will out of body experiences (OBE’s) shed stunning light on our true potential?  Will accepting the reality of paranormal phenomena shift our paradigm to a whole new level?  Can we literally design our life from the Imaginal realm?  According to some of the most widely respected individuals in many areas of transformation and potential who are mentioned throughout this book, the answer is YES!

Hear from OBE expert William Buhlman about how incorporating self-initiated OBE’s can literally transform our perceptions about life and death.  Paranormal researcher and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley talks about how the thinning of the planetary veil has possibly initiated a more robust link with the spirit realm.  Gifted intuitive and teacher Penney Peirce shows us how to engage the imaginal realm to begin a joyful journey that is squarely within our grasp.   Near-death experiencer and researcher PMH Atwater reminds us about the necessity to take stock of our position in life: Are you a complacent consumer or change-maker?  The late author of the Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot comments on how the “weird” is a means to understanding the practical applications of the paranormal realms and what they have to teach us.  Dream expert and author Robert Moss conveys a riveting and inspiring story of how abolitionist and humanitarian Harriet Tubman used her innate psychic influence to change history!  There’s so much more!

Find practical and attainable solutions using heart-based visualization and meditation to begin the reality shift for yourself and learn how I tapped my own inner guidance to shift out of a reality that was fraught with challenge and desperation.

We do have a choice in how we live our lives and I am confident that once you read Conscious Musings you will never look at your life or your world through the same lenses again!

Exciting times are upon us, knocking at our door. Self help and transformation has taken on a whole new meaning in this new world for which we live.  Let’s unlock that door – we’ve already been given the key!  Let’s approach the mystery, the magic and the magnificence of life and of the Universe, because we have a unique stake in the process and in the outcome!

The time is now  to help your SELF!

Early praise for Conscious Musings!

“In Conscious Musings Alexis Brooks reminds us that the perfect world we are looking for might already be here. With an emphasis on personal responsibility and the importance of service to others, we become the change we want to see. This is an intelligently written, thoughtfully composed collection of essays that examine the human potential. It is a well-researched book that examines the influence of consciousness on reality, looking at the act of reflection rather than reaction. I was particularly intrigued by the idea that a simple change in one’s daily routine can be a pre-cursor to change in other areas of life. Read this enlightening work, and as Alexis so clearly states, ‘Embrace the journey’.”
-William Buhlman, author of Adventures in the Afterlife

Conscious Musings is a marvelous collection of metaphysical principles designed to both educate and enlighten the reader. I highly recommend this book.”
-Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Exploring the Fifth Dimension – Parallel Universes, Teleportation and Out-of-Body Travel

Conscious Musings is a celebration of inspiration and a feast for the soul. Alexis Brooks has a rare talent for combining the most mind-boggling metaphysical concepts with down-to-Earth practical ideas. She illuminates some of the great ideas of our time with graceful dexterity and takes us on a journey to comprehend the nature of reality, asking questions such as, ‘Is paranormal the new normal?’ Conscious Musings guides us through the challenges of our times, envisioning a state of mindful awareness and wonder we can attain by which all problems can be solved.”
  -Cynthia Sue Larson, author of Reality Shifts – When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

“Alexis Brooks is a great ‘muser!’ She zooms in on poignant topics in the news and life, and examines them in a spiritual, intuitive light. She connects the nonphysical and physical realms this way, helping us see through the veil of confusion and ignorance that surrounds us on a daily basis. It’s fun to contemplate the ideas along with her. It will help you notice other important things that want noticing.”
-Penney Peirce, author of Leap of Perception and Frequency

Conscious Musings is wonderful, inspirational and motivating!  Alexis Brooks offers insights of great depth and wisdom that she seamlessly brings together into a perfect wholeness.  This book will help you gain a higher perspective on life and how to make it richer and more rewarding.”
-Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Dream Messages from the Afterlife and
Soul Journeys.

“If you are ready to contemplate the unknown, to expand your awareness, to remember who you are, I recommend Conscious Musings as a roadmap and Alexis Brooks your muse.”
-Ann Bolinger-McQuade, author of Everyday Oracles – Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us

“Alexis has provided all of us with a thoughtful, beautifully written understanding of ourselves, the times we are living in and the power of love. This book is sure to inspire, motivate and stimulate our perspectives on life in an uplifting way. It is a testament to the beauty of all that we are and a beauty we should never, ever forget.”
-Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, HeartMath and co-author  with Doc Childre of The HeartMath Solution

Conscious Musings is a deep, entertaining and enlightening journey into these times of great crisis and opportunity.  Alexis Brooks effortlessly weaves personal reflections, cosmic truths, and our collective reality, into a narrative that is both thoughtful and heartful.  This work is a great contribution to an awakening humanity.”
-Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda, co-author with Bruce Lipton of Spontaneous Evolution – Our Positive Future and A Way to Get There From Here

“Alexis Brooks’ search for truth has been so diligent that her Conscious Musings is able to offer sophisticated insights beyond the usual platitudes. The altitude of her worldview allows her to see beyond seeming dichotomies. She describes how a true ego is necessary to be both distinct and unified with the cosmos, that responsible individualism is the core of real connectedness as community and that authentic spirituality depends on the recognition of our sovereignty of every being. Such grounded expansiveness is both inspiring and timely when both waking up and clear manifesting are critical.”
-Foster Gamble, Creator of Thrive Movie – What On Earth Will it Take?

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