Friday, December 9, 2011

Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development - A Powerful Presentation by Lecturer, Filmmaker & Researcher, David Wilcock

This is one of the most succinct, articulate and beautifully presented summations I have ever seen or heard on personal spiritual development. Based in part on the Law of One Series, David presents a poignant synopsis on how to become, re-member and re-instate who we really are! Covering such key points as: Love, Service to Others, Forgiveness, Our Agenda as Souls, Meditation, and Accessing the Higher Self, Occupy Your Self will appeal to the academic and lay person alike. David uses compelling data, along with ancient wisdom from indigenous traditions to convey different approaches to attainment that lead to a singular and fundamental understanding of who we are from a SOUL-perspective and why now is the time to take action in transcending our reality. Moreover, he explains how to re-ignite that spark within, using practical tools to get us started…all of which I’m sure will have a ring of familiarity to it. I strongly urge you to visit David’s web site: Divine Cosmos. I have been following David’s work for several years now and am always impressed with his incredible intellect and deep wisdom as he explains otherwise elusive and complex subjects. He’s a true gem!

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