Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reality, Self, the Universe and the Urgency of Now

As some of you know, I have been on a mission to advance the premise of the Higher Journeys blog and get the momentum up quickly. The subject matters we will be exploring warrant it. And I’m happy to be contributing to what is becoming ubiquitous dialogue about spirituality, the self and all the mystery that surrounds it.

I must tell you that in the midst of doing some personal campaigning for Higher Journeys over the weekend, I received many wonderful emails about the blog, but one email that I received from a friend and associate caught my attention as one of her comments underscored a key point I had been trying to make in my previous entry, The True Nature of Reality – Should We Know More of the Story?

Her email was a pleasant one – and she admitted she finds these subjects interesting. But she quickly followed with the fact that these are the types of things you think about when you “get a free minute.” Now consider that there are still so many, that spend what little “free moments” they have doing nothing of the sort. Contemplate the mysteries of the universe, why we are here and who we are? No chance. Not when there are so many distractions to ensure we stay occupied with day-to-day “stuff.” So first, my hats off to her for taking occasional free moments to even ponder such wonders. But here’s my point: I think the time has arrived, where although taking those precious free moments to spend contemplating our spirituality and moreover our potentiality and our place in the Universe is a good start, it is now vital – absolutely vital that we take the responsibility to truly realize our potential, by first pondering, then studying and ultimately applying some of these otherwise abstract notions. We ARE powerful and spiritual beings. Every one of us – I am convinced of that. No matter your faith; no matter what religion or even no religion at all – and my sense has always been that our religions are but interpretations of a fundamental truth – there is something there for us to see and then fully incorporate and once we realize the “practical applications” – the sky is the limit (so to speak).

Recall how our paradigm quickly shifted post 9/11 – our fears, anxieties; our security or in-security as it were became blatantly magnified and still no signs of letting up – Unless….! We have now reached a crescendo - perhaps 9/11 being the impetus – such that our “normal” way of life no longer works. Might it be that in order to graduate to the next level of evolution as a species that the proactive incorporation of spiritual practices, benevolent practices, altruistic practices, all innate abilities, dormant as they may be, will help ignite our power and enable us to navigate the shift many are admitting is underway? This of course, is yours to ponder. My only plea: please consider taking more than a few minutes of your time to think on these things. For in the words of noted author Lyall Watson “Our future lies in the mind and our understanding of it…”

Relevant insight: See Victims of the Attack, Martyrs for Meaning (by Alexis Brooks, 2001).

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